Model Farm was built in 1638 by a Sheffield steel magnate. As the name suggests it was built as one of the most modern farms of its day incorporating its own brick works, slaughter house, brewery and - I believe - one of the first waste treatment filter beds to treat discharges from the farmhouse and surrounding cottages. You will notice that the farm is built of handmade red bricks which were made on site.

Our business is built on the principles of making people feel welcome and providing a reliable personal service with the comforts of home.

History of Model Farm.

I have in my possession most of the hand written deeds and sales contracts relating to Model Farm from 1638 through to the 19th century showing that it has been owned by many local prominent families over the centuries.

I bought the farm in 1987 when it was nearly derelict. Previously it had been a pig farm and had been poorly maintained but over the years I have rebuilt most of the buildings using the original bricks and designs. The farmhouse has 6 bedrooms, and after doing some research of accomodation in the local area (or lack of it) we decided to transform part of the house in to Bed & Breakfast accomodation. Built to the highest standards with modern facilities we are very proud of our achievement.